Orchestral - Cinematic


A selection of a few short pieces for visual media with orchestral elements and electronic atmospheric sound environments.

Chamber - Solo Works

Solo instrumentals or for small ensembles, contemporary chamber music.  

Solo works for piano, which is my favorite instrument as a composer.


  Christopher has been studying music since childhood when he had his first encounter with greek folk and eastern mediterranean music. Since then he has attended music school, conservatory education  and got his degree in classical composition from the university. Through constant learning and engaging with new sounds and ways  of communication he is being expanding his palette and knowledge of music and music technology. He has shown interest into production music and various forms of supportive roles of music around other media while attending to  lectures at the university about early electronic music and studio sessions . He has progressed from works for small orchestra and concert music to performance arts and live theater to film and production music of various genres. He has worked with conductors and ensembles in Greece. He is composing music for independent film productions. As a musician he is participating in ensembles and recording sessions. He plays various instruments including the greek folk instruments bouzouki and baglama, the clarinet, the saxophone and various other traditional wind instruments. 

Unfit Misfit

Feature length film
3Angels Power Film Production INC
Additional music
unfitmisfit poster
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